SmartLink Medi-Guardian MKII 4G

4G VOLTE (LTE) compatibility, manufactured to meet Australian standards.

The SmartLink Medi-Guardian MKII 4G helps you remain independent, knowing that with the press of a button you can summon assistance at any time of the day or night.

The modern, slimline design of the SmartLink Medi-Guardian MKII 4G allows it to be installed unobtrusively anywhere so it’s ready when you need help.

To send an alarm, you simply press the button on your personal wrist or pendant transmitter, which can be worn at all times, even when in the shower or outside in the garden. The SmartLink Medi-Guardian MKII 4G has been built to the highest technical standards and has been manufactured to meet both Australian and international quality standards. It can be supplied with additional transmitters, as well as call points that can be fixed around the home as needed.

LifeGuard L-Series Diallers

Available in two models. Both allow for amazing quality, two-way, hands-free voice communication as well as silent emergency calls with half duplex listen-in only for resident monitoring function. The RV model works with our Talking Pendant and Talking Call Point.

Chiptech SEVEN Dialler LE

If you need help at any time of the day or night, press and hold the button on your transmitter and count to three. Alternatively, press the large round HELP button on the base unit. The outer rim of the transmitter will flash red to let you know your alarm is being sent. You will hear a loud alarm sound from the base unit where the HELP button will illuminate red. Voice messages on the base unit will play to let you know the status of your alarm as it progresses.

LifeGuard L-401

The LifeGuard L-401 Emergency Response PSTN Dialler allows for amazing quality two way, hands-free voice communication, as well as silent emergency calls with Half Duplex Listen-in only for resident monitoring function. Radio frequency range (433 MHz) is exceptional with personal transmitters having a frequency range of over 200 meters in open space. This unit can also be wall-mounted.

LifeGuard L 401RV

This is the same PSTN L 401 Dialler but with DECT. The RV model is also compatible with our Voice Reach Talking Pendant as well as our Talking Call Point.

SmartCaller Help Phones

These Help Phone (HP) and Help Dialler (HD) models are designed and manufactured in Australia specifically for aged and/or frail persons, including those living within self-care communities.

Smart-Caller HP3 Help Phone

This is the third-generation HP3 help phone, designed and manufactured in Australia specifically for aged and/or frail persons, including those living within self-care communities.

The HP3 provides assistance with the press of a button. It talks to the user, which is especially helpful for those suffering sight, hearing or memory loss, or those with minor or severe mobility restrictions. In the event of a help request, the phone sends an alarm to the monitoring centre right away. Meanwhile, it talks to the user, providing reassurance.

The HP3 allows for high quality, two-way, hands-free speech between the monitoring centre operator and the user via loudspeaker.​

SmartCaller HP4

Featuring large keypad buttons that are picture buttons for easy dialling.

The HP4 Help Phone enjoys the benefits of the latest technology and sets a pace well beyond the AS4607/AS2999 Standards. This new model includes a SIM card holder facility to allow the inclusion of a GSM communication back-up path.

The HP4 looks and operates like a normal, modern telephone whilst also being a highly featured emergency call unit with unique backup capabilities. In addition to having large back-lit ‘talking’ dial keys and ‘Help’ button, in an emergency the HP4 quickly communicates with both the resident and the emergency response centre. Immediately when an alarm is triggered, the HP4 will talk to the resident with loud volume in order to provide reassurance, even if it was triggered from another room. It then allows either direct or call-back two-way hands-free communication.

SmartCaller HD4 Dialler

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the HD4 Dialler is primarily intended for persons who may be at risk, either in a private home or aged care residences, or even for use within the workplace.

The attractive and flexible design is suitable for desk or wall mounting or can fit snugly under a normal telephone if preferred. The HD4 Dialler is supplied with a single wireless pendant, however, up to 48 wireless accessories may be programmed into each dialler allowing significant flexibility for various applications.

The HD4 Dialler is supplied with a single wireless pendant, however, up to 48 wireless accessories may be programmed into each dialler allowing significant flexibility for various applications. It also includes comprehensive, but simple to operate, ‘Home and Away’ security monitoring facilities, making it particularly suited for those living alone or within retirement village communities.

What they Say

I used the INS emergency call system and within ten minutes of so, the ambulance was at my doorstep and I was treated on the spot and rushed to emergency. The INS nurse called me yesterday to ask how I was. The INS people were excellent, acted very promptly to my call and lived up to our expectation that this is a proper and effective service.


We were extremely impressed by the service and very grateful for your care and support each time we contacted you. We will have no hesitation in recommending your service to other family members and friends.


Your phone and wrist button made me feel safe and secure in my own home when through illness I felt very vulnerable. The fact that I knew I only had to press a button to have someone on the other end talk to me and arrange an ambulance allowed me to stay at home for as long as possible.


I remain a committed advocate of INS. Peace of mind is ours because we can trust the INS will be there when we need it. Not many better gifts available for my wife, family, and friends – give me INS.


I’d flipped backward hitting my head. I couldn’t move. I remembered my INS LifeGuard pendant and pressed the button. I instantly heard a voice say ‘Hello Josephine, are you OK?’ Though I was outside he could hear me. He stayed online with me until the ambulance arrived. It was the best piece of technology I could have wished for. I know it works, and I feel safe.


Thank you so very much for all your assistance to me in relation to my father. It is a nice feeling to know that if he requires help at any time he can call INS. Your help has been invaluable. I decided to use INS after ringing many companies and the main reason was your wonderful personalised approach.


I give this company 100% the best equipment my mother has ever had and the call centre are so caring and kind wouldn’t go with any other company, helpful staff and 24-7 care well done INS


Wow what an amazing service! When my Grandma fell INS were so kind and caring they even followed up when she was returned home from hospital. I’m very thankful for their services!!


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